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The Heritage Rail Trail will be closed between Cosgray & Hayden Run Road from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. daily (weekdays) beginning next Tuesday (9/2/2014) for approximately 2 weeks for trail repairs. Access to the east end of Homestead Park (near the caboose) will be open – the closure will be just west of there. Courtesy of City of Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department

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"Why is a DogWatch Hidden Fence better than our competiton?" is one of our most frequently asked questions.  We thought putting those answers down in writing might be helpful to those of you looking to make a decision on which fence company to use.

  1. Battery Life: DogWatch Hidden Fences R9 receiver boasts a two year battery life.  Most other receivers out there have a battery life of less than 6 months and some are even 3 months or less than that!  When the battery gets weak or dies, that is when the dogs have the chance of figuring out their fence isn't working.  So why not go with the longest battery life possible?  Plus you can save yourself a little bit of money and hassle in the process.
  2. Non-proprietary Batteries:  Can you order batteries from us?  You bet, call us, e-mail us or order them from our store and we'll promptly drop them in the mail to you or you can swing by the office and pick them up.  But you don't have to get the batteries through us, which some people really like.  You can buy our batteries on-line, at Batteries Plus or at Radio Shack.  We love that we are able to offer you many convenient options that best fits your lifestyle.
  3. Customer Adjustable Equipment:  All of our equipment is EASILY adjustable by you, the customer.  We show you how to change all settings at the time of install, but we're a quick phone call or e-mail away if you have any questions.  Not only does this help minimize the expense and hassle of service calls, it is safer for your dog as it allows you to adjust quickly to your dogs needs, if necessary.
  4. Unlimited Training Assistance: Here in Columbus, Ohio, we offer unlimited training assistance to our customers.  We feel that we have already charged you for a working system, so why on earth would we charge you more to actually make it work?  To each their own, but we will never charge extra for additional training sessions within that first year of the system being installed.  Never.
  5. FM Digital Signal:  All of these types of fences run on a digital signal.  But digital can be only AM or FM.  DogWatch is the ONLY system that runs on an FM signal.  This means there are far fewer chances for stray signals affecting your dog.  It gets a bit complicated, but another DogWatch dealer has summarized it well in this article "The Truth About Digital Modulation".  It's a good read if you want more technical reasons as to why the FM Digial signal is a better choice.
  6. Outdoor Surge Protection:  Keeping lightening out of your home is one of our main priorities as a strike could follow the wire into your garage.  That is why DogWatch installs OUTDOOR surge protection to keep the lightning outside where it should be.  We are the only company out there that offers this very important feature.
  7. Family Owned and Operated with the Backing of a National Company:  We really think this is important.  How often can you completely support a local and family owned business and have their support and customer service AND have the backing of a larger national company besides.  DogWatch has it!  There are customer service reps at the corporate office standing by for questions if for ever any reason you would need their support, but we're here locally in Hilliard as well.
  8. Lifetime Warranties INCLUDING Dog Chews:  DogWatch has warranties that are second to none, plus we make honoring those warranties as easy as possible.
  9. Indoor Units: Some companies offer these, but other companies don't.  These little gems can help you keep dogs out of particular rooms, off pieces of furniture, off a different level of the house, away from the Christmas Tree or from running out the front door.  Truly, the applications for use for the indoor units is limitless.  Just call if you have questions and would like to discuss.
  10. Multiple Communication Tools:  We feel that it's important to be where our customers are, so you can reach us many, many different ways.  Not only do these social media sites make us easy to reach, but they also allow us to provide you valuable information about your dog, local dog events, recalls, stories, pictures, comics, quotes, and whatever else we think you may find entertaining about dogs.
    • Phone: 614-527-3799
    • E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    • Website Contact Form:
    • Facebook:
    • Twitter: www.twitter/dogwatchohio
    • Instagram: www.instagram/dogwatchofcolumbus
    • You Tube:

We hope this has helped to answer some of your questions and to truly see the difference in the DogWatch Hidden Fence.  If you have any questions please contact us in Columbus, Ohio or the surrounding area or go to to locate the dealer nearest you.

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DogWatch was proud to participate in Duchenne Dash 2014 this past Saturday at Highland Metro Parks.  Our team of ten DogWatch customers and friends gathered early to run a 5k in order to earn money to help provide financial assistance to families living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in need of a service dog to maintain independence. It was a great event for a wonderful cause.

 As a side note, we've become involved with this event because our 7 year old daughter Maggie is a classmate to a little boy, Jackson,  affected by this disease.  Maggie, her classmate Jackson and another little boy with Duchenne, Noah, are pictured below.  

If you'd like to earn more or make a donation to this amazing cause, please visit the Little Hercules Foundation today!

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Pat and I are proud to announce that we are now owners of Life Saver Pool Fence of Columbus.  Life Saver offers removable mesh safety fences, intended to keep children and dogs out of pools when there is no adult supervision.  Pool fences have been proven to drop the incidence of drownings an astounding rate in that they simply keep children away from the pool when they should not be there.  

Some benefits to Life Saver Pool Fence over more traditional types of fencing (like aluminum, wood or wrought iron) are numerous.  They include:

  • Mesh fencing is not climbable by little hands and feet.
  • This type of fencing is removable when wanted; but can only be done by an adult.
  • The mesh material we use is fairly transparent, so it doesn't obstruct the view.
  • We offer framed and self latching gates, that provide not only safety and functionality, but are also nice to look at.
  • Life Saver fences do not need to be painted or stained...ever!  These fences are virtually maintenance free.
  • Cost for removable mesh fencing is often a fraction that of more traditional permanent fencing.

Life Saver also offers some non-traditional uses to their fencing as well:

  • Create a temporary fence in your yard for young children (think of it as a large outdoor playpen) or small dogs.
  • Section off sections of your garage to keep children or dogs in when the door is open or keep an area off limits to protect tools or nice vehicles.
  • Use it to limit access to gardens from unwanted critters or little hands.
  • Create a gate on a deck or patio to keep youngsters from venturing down stairs.

We would love to come out for a free in-yard estimate to see how we can help keep your kids or your pets out of the pool.  We've done an amazing job (if we do say so ourselves) keeping pets safe for over 20 years.  We want to continue to offer our customers safety and peace of mind in their yards with Life Saver Pool Fencing.

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As a parent, it is my job to keep my children safe.  It’s general knowledge that we teach our kids to look both ways when crossing the street and never to talk to strangers.  But a lesson that often seems overlooked is teaching children about dog safety.

Yes, for the most part dogs are friendly lovable creatures that kids can tumble all over and never be in danger.  But what if they encounter a dog that isn’t friendly?  Do they know the proper rules and procedure they should follow around all dogs?

So here are a few simple rules you can teach your kids that may save both of you from a lot of pain and anguish:

  1. Always ask the owner if you may pet their dog before you approach.  We spend a lot of time at dog shows and events and it is amazing how many children fail to follow this first simple rule.  A simple “May I pet your dog” is all that is needed.  
  2. Never hug or kiss a dog. This one is okay if you know the dog well, they see you coming and the kids are gentle; however, for unknown dogs, a simple pet is sufficient.
  3. Never tease dogs. Friendly or not, dogs do not like to be teased.  Even the gentlest dog may snap if pushed past its point of tolerance.
  4. Do not bother dogs while they are eating. Little hands reaching into food bowls is just a bad idea anytime.
  5. If you see a yellow ribbon, do not approach the dog. The Yellow Dog Project has been launched for dogs that need more space to wear a yellow ribbon on their collar or leash.  This is intended to give people around notice that they should not approach the dog or at least approach with caution.
  6. If you are being chased by a dog, “be a tree”. This just means to stop (as hard as that may be) tuck in your arms and put your head down if you are being growled at or pursued by a dog.  Do not make eye contact with the dog.  Be becoming a tree, you become immediately less of a threat to the dog and most likely they will lose interest quickly.  Thanks to our friends at for all the great info they provide.
  7. Don’t wake a sleeping dog. Just like people, dogs may become disoriented upon wakening or even grumpy if awoken too soon.
  8. Be especially cautious around elderly, sick or injured dogs. They simply may not be in the mood to play.
  9. Teach your children the signs of anxiety a dog may demonstrate. These include actions such as cowering, moving away, pacing, furrowed brow, and ears laying back.  Here is a great link that shows further signs.
  10. Never scream and/or run from dogs. This will make a dog think the child is prey and they may pursue as such.

A quick and simple general rule is if the kids aren’t allowed to do something with a strange person, they aren’t allowed to do it with a strange dog…no matter how cute they are!  Please help to keep children safe, a little bit of education in this area can make a big difference.

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