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DogWatch® of Columbus Testimonials

We had used another dog fence company before finding Dog Watch of Columbus.  What a difference we found using DogWatch!  All Companies are truly not the same.  If we have any concerns, questions, or problems they are solved in minutes by Emily or Pat.  With the other company, it often took days or even weeks to get answers to our questions or resolutions to our problems.

We recently moved and our Dog Watch system was included in the sale of the home; however, I am currently making arrangements for an installation in our new home.  Plus, I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the price remained on the Dog Watch System.  We are so glad to be back in the DogWatch Family and thrilled to know that Sophie, Buckeye and Maxie Mae will all be safe again.

Sheree D.
Powell, Ohio

My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Emily and Pat on two separate occasions. The first time was at our last house where we were very skeptical of how an invisible dog fence could possibly keep our two golden retrievers in their yard when all they love to do is lick people! We had a bad experience with a previous competitor of theirs and had hoped it would be different with Dogwatch. Well, Pat and Emily exceeded our expectations from the very beginning! Scheduling was very accommodating and Emily is extremely friendly! When Pat came out to do the install, he was also very friendly and did a great job on the installation. He takes pride in his workmanship and makes sure the job is done right. After he finished the fence, he spent as much time as we felt we him to train us and our dogs on the new fence. He let us know that we could call him and ask any questions or voice any concerns from there on out. The Dogwatch Fence NEVER let us down. It was extremely easy to train our dogs on. It always worked-we always felt at ease knowing our dogs were safe in our yard.

That's why when we moved into our new house, we had Dogwatch put in our second fence. There was no question on who we were going to call. Three years later, Pat and Emily still offered the same great product and customer service. We have added a third dog to the mix and he has adjusted beautifully. I was pleasantly surprised to see they have updated their collars even more and they are now more slim line and lighter weight. I simply cannot say enough good things about Dogwatch of Columbus! I'm happy to be able to support a local small business who takes pride in their product!

Leslie & Mark S.
Galena, Ohio

Wife says:
"Love this product! Husband did not want the dog - wife did. Husband did not want in-ground fence - wife did. Guess who won? We have fence and dog. Fence has even helped in potty training! Love my DogWatch Hidden Fence and my husband too."

Husband says:
"All above is true. DogWatch Fence was best investment ever!"

Paul & Kathy D.
Pataskala, Ohio

We love you're like doing business with family.  No 800 number and no corporate shenanigans.  Love it.

Mark S.
Columbus, Ohio

If you're looking for an invisible fence company - look no further! This is a customer service oriented company with competitive prices. I would highly recommend!
Pia C.
Worthington, Ohio

I just had to write and thank you for your very sweet and surprising note and gesture. After moving into our new home a little over a week ago, I have been literally shocked at how uncaring, unprofessional and frustrating so many companies have been with their service. DogWatch, however, came shining through yet again. It's no wonder to me that your company continues to win so many well deserved awards. Thank you for your continuous and exemplary customer service!

Melissa P.
Dublin, Ohio

Pat & Emily, we can't say enough about how happy we are to see Joey running and playing in his newly "fenced" yard. What a joy! We are so proud of him; he learned very quickly! Our experience with your company far surpassed what we could have expected. Very personalized and no high pressure tactics! We will definitely recommend DogWatch of Columbus to any friends and family considering this type of fencing. Thanks again from one dog lover to another!

Butch & Cherri K.
Alexandria, Ohio

Emily, thanks to you and Pat for your quick response to my short notice request.  As always, you folks are unsurpassed by anyone when it comes to service excellence.  Lots of companies talk about it, but no one has ever delivered the way you do.  Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.

Verna H.
Delaware, Ohio

We love our DogWatch® invisible fence.  We first met Pat 12 years ago when we got our Jack Russell ,Trixie.  The hidden fence has been awesome.  We now own our second Jack Russell, Magee, so Pat trained her last spring with great results!  We highly recommend them as we love the "big girl collars" the girls wear.

Amy N.
Dublin, Ohio

Pat came to our house last fall because our 5 year old Shih Tzu was nearly hit by a car after darting out our front door.  She loves people and that was just too close a call for us.

Pat was very good to explain the DogWatch® System to us, so we gave them a try.

Today our 10 year old Lasa Mix and Sasha LOVE THEIR YARD!  Sasha no longer has to be tethered and we know they are safe because the system is excellent!  It is tailored to their sensitivity ad they love their collars because they know they can roam their yard freely.

Thank you Pat and Emily!

Terry & Gina S.
Westerville, Ohio

DogWatch® is amazing!  We have 5 ornery dogs that like to explore.  DogWatch saved us!  Our furry ones are now safe.  Thanks DogWatch®

Angie K.
Logan, Ohio

Not only do WE love the Remote Trainer, but our mail carrier is actually brave enough to get out of their vehicle now! We don't even have to press the shock button. Chief is familiar with the audible beep from the fence, so he backs off & stops barking as soon as he hears the Remote Trainer beep. Humane treatment of dog & dry undergarments for the mail carrier;) Thanks DogWatch!

Jen S.
Centerburg, Ohio

Dear Patrick and Emily,

I cannot thank you enough for your never ending, very prompt and courteous service throughout the years.  As you know, I have had a DogWatch Fence, covering approximately 10 acres, for at least 20 years.

Even though I live in Hocking County you are always here when I need you to find an interruption in the fence, through mud, snow, briars, and brambles.

Your immediate serice on equipment, and no cost replacement to receivers (you just send a receiver to me at no cost - to replace one that one of our other dogs chewed up) never ceases to amaze me.  What a company and how lucky are we to have you as dealers. 

Anyone with a dog - and we have six - should have a DogWatch System. Simply put - they work!  Thank you, thank you!!!

Dave B.
Logan, Ohio

Dear Emily and Pat,

We met you folks at the Worthington Pet Parade and have the white Dutch Colonial home on the NW corner of the Village Green. You just completed the installation for our beloved Jack Russell terrier, Bandit. The job was professionally done and we move in this Thursday. Kudos to you and your company for a job well done. We would certainly recommend your services to our friends and neighbors.

Thanks again,

David & Christina L.
Worthington, Ohio

Just wanted to write and say how much I loved my indoor fence I had put in. It was the best thing ever. I recommend it to anyone wanting to keep pets off the carpet and areas where you do not want your pet while away from home. The owners were so very, very nice. I can't say enough good. Thanks for the great service. I highly recommend them to all pet owners.

Angie D.
Baltimore, Ohio

The DogWatch works fantastically for our dog as well as our daughter's visiting dog, Gizmo (the little black ornery one) - he knows those boundaries and he never challenges.  Thanks so much
for getting us all set up here at our new house.

Carla B.
Dublin, Ohio

Pebbles is totally safe because of Dog Watch of Columbus!

The side of our house is on a very busy street and a walking path is next to

our property. Runners, walkers, dogs, even squirrels and rabbits do not
tempt her!

Thank you Dog Watch of Columbus!

Debbie A.
Dublin, Ohio

I just wanted to tell you that Piper should be your "poster child".  She adapted to the fence almost instantly.  She loves her new found freedom and I feel very safe letting her have the run of the yard.  We are even trying to encourage my father-in-law to put one in <and for the record, he did put one in too and loves it!>.

Ann T.
London, Ohio

Hi Pat and Emily, just wanted to let you know that changing our "Other System" to the DogWatch System, has been one of the best things we have done for our dogs! No more worrying about Finn running through any longer! It is great, we can't thank you enough!

Josh and Alison C.
Hilliard, Ohio

Jackson is doing great with the new fence - no problems at all. Thanks!

Cheri J.
Delaware, Ohio

I just saw Pat installing the system with our neighbors across the street. We got ours in June....what a fabulous independence we got with DogWatch! Tucker trained SO easily and every night now we pick up all his toys that he has taken outside one by one....he is such a happy puppy outside!!! Signing on with DogWatch was literally one of the best decisions we've made. LOVE you guys!!

Jeanne W., Family and Tucker
New Albany, Ohio

The Big Leash has helped with my dog Penny's training in such a huge way.  Inside she would obey my commands but whenever we were on a walk and there was the slightest distraction she would totally ignore me, pull her leash and bark like mad.  Now with the Big Leash we can enjoy our walks and it only takes the vibrate warning button to keep her focused.  It is a wonderful tool! I would recommend it to anyone!  Too bad it doesn't come in a smaller size for my other dogs:)! <We're working on Corporate for that;)>

Kathy B.
Defiance, Ohio

Your DogWatch system is the best money we have ever spent.  We would recommend you to anyone!

Bob and Jacque G.
Westerville, Ohio

Dog Watch came out yesterday and installed our fence and exceeded expectations. It was fast, easy, and Pat did a fantastic job training our dog Gabbie. My wife and I would recommend them to anyone looking to install a hidden fence. Thanks for making our first experience with hidden fences a pleasant and memorable one.

Tom and Jenna G.
Hilliard, Ohio

Chloe, our Lhasa Poo, is very happy to have a "freedom necklace" from DogWatch so she can go out to the back and front yards and run around. At first she decided that the middle of the yard provided her peace and tranquility from the ring and buzz she had briefly heard and felt, but within a matter of days now she's doing very well and has expanded her horizons and her territory for playing fetch!Thanks Pat!

Fran W. and Judy S.
Hilliard, Ohio

Many of my neighbors are testing my dogs to see if they will run off the property. So much traffic goes by and they bark and run along in the safe area but I'm so glad they stay on the property. I am so confident in the system I go to the barn and leave them outside to enjoy the yard and not be locked up in a kennel.

Pam A. and Four Footed Family
Galloway, Ohio

Just wanted to write and say how much I loved my indoor fence that I had put in. It was the best thing ever. I recommend it to anyone wanting to keep pets off the carpet and areas where you do not want your pet while away from home. The owners were so very, very nice. I can't say enough good. Thanks for the great service. I highly reccomend them to all pet owners.

Angie D.
Baltimore, Ohio

The fence is working great!  Kimiko has the full yard to play in now and she love it!  Thanks!

Mark & Linda B.

Lewis Center, Ohio

We look forward to Pat and DogWatch helping us with Tanner.  Pat has been great by providing us the information we need to chosse the best hidden fence for our family.  It feels good to feel good about a major purchase.

Greg Winslow

Columbus, Ohio

Pat came out and gave us an estimate, explained his services and then left for us to decide what we wanted to do. There were no high pressure sales - which we liked. After we decided to purchase from Dogwatch they scheduled an appointment promptly, came out on time, installed the system around my entire property line (including quite a bit of hand digging) and cleaned up after themselves. After adjusting the settings of the fence to our dogs needs Pat showed us how to train both our dogs and told us if we had any problems he'd be happy to come back out to do another training.

At first we were concerned we might have made a mistake getting the fence because the dogs were hesitant to even go into the yard. But after a short adjustment period they now LOVE going out again! We got the hidden fence because one of the dogs kept digging out of our existing fence. We haven't had a problem with that since getting the hidden fence. The added bonus is that the hidden fence is around the entire property line so they are able to go out in the front yard now off their leashes and we don't have to worry about them running off - which is especially impressive considering they are both beagles (who catches a scent and goes without thinking). Dogwatch of Columbus was very professional, cleaned up after themselves, and took care of everything I needed all without any high pressure sales tactics. I found that working with my dogs just a few minutes a day for about two weeks had them trained completely. But was reassured by the fact that if I couldn't get them trained Pat would come back out and do another training for me. Overall it was well worth the money spent. I no longer have to track the dogs all over the neighbourhood after they get out because they don't get out anymore! The indoor containment system keeps them away from the kitty litter box so no more yelling at them for getting into that! The dogs are happier because they are being corrected less and I'm happier because I'm having to correct them less. It's a win win for both of us.
Melissa H.
Groveport, Ohio

We are so excited to have a fence installed by DogWatch. After "interviewing" a few local companies, we found that DogWatch was upfront, honest, professional, and sincere. They seem to be in the business to make customers for life, and to keep dogs safe! They didn't seem out to "get my business and move on" like som...e other companies do! Can't wait to have the peace of mind to let my dogs outside by themselves!

Diana L.
Hilliard, Ohio

Dog Watch of Columbus came yesterday to install our fence, this was one of the easiest transactions we've experienced in awhile. Pat and the gang were easy to work with and fully explained everything. Alice & Cooper will soon be on their own to roam freely around the yard. Thanks for the great experience:)!

Derek M.
Baltimore, Ohio

Clover watched a bunny run across the neighbor's driveway today and didn't even think about running after it! Thanks, DogWatch!!!

Erica C.
Columbus, Ohio

I love DogWatch!  It was the best thing we could have done to keep our furry ones safe!  They had a problem of digging out under the fence to go and see their other furry friends.  Thanks DogWatch for putting in a great system that keeps our furry ones safe!

Angela K.
Logan, Ohio

Pat and Emily are the greatest!  They are very knowledgable and extremely helpful.  They have been a pleasure to work with and very professional.

Michale K.
Orient, Ohio

Hi West family!  I just wanted to give you a update! WE LOVE THE FENCE!!! Jordan and Lola both have taken really well to it. It is so nice to know that they will be safely kept in their HUGE yard. Anytime they take off after a deer or squirrel we just calmly say "watch out" and they stop in their tracks. On the occasion ...that we may not be out with them, they tested the limit (naturally) and came right back... like ALL the way back to the door!!!! We couldn't be happier. I don't think there has been a week thats gone by without me saying "I LOVE OUR FENCE". It really is a great feeling knowing we don't have to hunt them down. Thank you so much!!!!

PS...  I just have to say, it is so different this time around, using your company as opposed to the competition we had before!

Jennifer T.
Granville, Ohio

I was very very impressed with DogWatch of Columbus. Pat, the company's owner, was one of the most professional and honest people I have done business with. Not only did he provide a superior product than his competition, but he went above and beyond at every opportunity. DogWatch of Columbus is the only choice when considering a hidden fence for your pets! Thanks again Pat.

Ryan R.
Columbus, Ohio

We really appreciate you coming out to the house and showing what DogWatch was all about and how it can work best for our ever-growing 6-month Chocolate Lab. We've done our research and by far DogWatch hits the mark and is the best fit for our family. Your professionalism and experience clearly shows and we're excited to get started. The family is a big fan of DogWatch of Columbus!

Vlad K.
Dublin, Ohio

Kaleb's fence was installed today, we just spent the last 30 minutes playing fetch in the back yard:).  Pat answered all of my questions and even came back after I got home from work to help me show Kaleb his new perimeter!  Thanks so much!

Lindsey R.
Plain City, Ohio

Pat and Karl did a great job installing our system today, even under cold winter conditions.  Toby is excited to experiment with his new Christmas present, and we're happy to have the system to avoid the cold nights standing in subzero temperatures.

Lisa Z.
Dublin, Ohio

Just completed installation of a hidden fence. Owner Pat West installed the unit and wiring himself and trained our first dog in the same visit.  Very responsive and clean installation.  When I've called, they are very quick to respond and either Pat or his wife Emily calls me right back.  I look forward to the training support he offers.

Steve F.
New Albany, Ohio

I am so thankful we that we don't have to take Killer out when it is cold and he is much happier when he can walk where HE wants to and still be very safe!

Toni W.
Plain City, Ohio

I just wanted to tell you thanks for such a great job with our dogs Buddy & Holly. Within a week they had the routine down and after one time during the first week where they "tested" their boundaries they haven't even tried to make an escape attempt in the month since then. Never knew what I was missing not having a hidden fence before--major peace of mind. And we found the best company to install it.

Carol S.
Powell, Ohio

We have a Siberian Husky that used to bolt on us when any opening was available for him to run.  Not any more!  It is a joy just to open the door and let him out without worries of wondering off.  At first we were skeptical, but this fencing definitely works.  Also it was a joy to work with The West family.  They serviced our needs 100%.  Thanks.

Bill K.
Logan, Ohio

Pat and Emily - Tiki says “Thank You”! He has taken full responsibility for keeping any and all winged creatures out of our yard. All three of our setters are thoroughly enjoying the fence. We are starting to train the newest addition to the Ohio English Setter Rescue to the fence. What a fantastic way to open up so many more forever home options for these dogs.

Jeff C.

Newark, Ohio

Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio would like to thank DogWatch for the generosity and commitment to the welfare of dogs.

Cheryl R.

Dublin, Ohio

You should see our three dogs when the neightbor's dog is out...we both have DogWatch fences. Ha!  They throw a ball for her, and our dogs go charging over there then stop.  Copper goes running up and down the side of the yard each time the ball is thrown.  So funny, but he stays put!

Carol W.

Galena, Ohio

We just got a dog fence from DogWatdch of Columbus.  We are very happy with the service and the product.  I highly recommend one.  Riley is doing great with his training!

Gina K.

Radnor, Ohio

We have had our fence for one week...really appreciated how well Pat explained the sytem to us.  So far, so good - Meg (our rescued Border/Lab mix) is ready to try without the leash.  We will seriously need to get a bicyclist to ride by as those are her favorite things to chase.

Sue E.

Galloway, Ohio

We have our DogWatch Hidden Fence and love it!  Pat and Emily (owners) make it extra great!

Rachel P.

Galena, Ohio

Thank you DogWatch (of Columbus)! The fence has made a huge difference!

Regina M.

Circleville, Ohio

I have been meaning to send you pictures of our "babies" and let you know how much we love our DogWatch Hidden Fence. It gives us such piece of mind. Thank you for what you do.

Brian, Sarah, Harlie, & Carolyna M.
Ashville, Ohio

From the first phone call, to the in-home presentation, to the install and follow-up training, Pat & Emily were wonderful to work with. They were not just sales people who may quit their job the next day, they work and breathe the business so we knew they would be around in the future.

Allen R.
Dublin, Ohio

I had some questions about an invisible fence so emailed Dogwatch and was answered promptly.They went through the entire process over the phone and explained to me the difference in the 2 models they offered. I made an appointment for them to install and they were here on time! Pat was very helpful in helping me map out the zones I wanted covered. They were very careful while digging not to disturb flower beds and damage to lawn was very minimal. I'm sure after the first rain there will be no sign of digging at all. Pat installed the unit in the garage and wires were ran professionally and neat. After installation, Pat spent about a half hour going over the system with my wife and I. He then walked our dog Rosco around the perimeter showing him the boundaries.He adjusted the settings and everything is working great.Installation took about 2 hours.After about 2 days of training, Rosco is almost trained. Two of our neighbors referred Dogwatch to us and said they have been very happy with their system and that whenever they need something, Pat comes right out to fix the problem.

Kyle H.
Westerville, Ohio

Pebbles is totally safe because of Dog Watch of Columbus!

The side of our house is on a very busy street and a walking path is next to our property. Runners, walkers, dogs, even squirrels and rabbits do not tempt her!

Thank you Dog Watch of Columbus!

Debbie V.
Dublin, Ohio

On a side note the dogs are doing well with the fence.  We've had both of them out front often and Ally especially likes being out there without a leash.  She hates coming back inside.  Allly is the reason we got the fence.  She kept digging out from our existing fence - she's quite the runner - a typical beagle that puts her nose to the ground and goes.  It's nice not having to worry about them while they are in the yard.  And it's especially nice not to have to yell at them to get out of the litter box (with the indoor unit).

Sarah B.
Groveport, Ohio

The Big Leash is the best thing that has come into Tucker's life! (Next to his wonderful owners, of course). After just 2 training sessions he is able to walk all over the neighborhood off leash. I even took him to move Amy out of her dorm at Miami and didn't even have a leash with me. He stayed with me all day up and... down 3 flights of steps repeatedly. We are now ready for our vacation. If you need any volunteers for a referral, I am happy to talk to them.

Phyllis F.
Columbus, Ohio

I called Dogwatch and spoke with Emily. She was very personable. We set up a time for Pat to visit our home and explain the product. Pat was punctual and very professional. He explained how everything worked and what options were available to us. There was no pressure to close a sale whatsoever from Pat, which I greatly appreciated. We spent a few days talking it over. Once we decided to purchase, we called Emily and made an appointment for installation. Pat was prompt and extremely courteous. The installation was seamless and our property was left undisturbed for the most part, with minimal visibility of the areas where the wire was buried. Within a week or two, signs of the buried wire were completely gone. I would highly recommend Pat and Emily to anyone interested in a pet containment system.

Douglas D.
Pickerington, Ohio

We were very happy with DogWatch of Columbus. They provided very personal and professional service. The company owner was involved every step of the way, including installation and training our dog in using the fence. It was nice working with a smaller, more personal company.

Vicki H.
Dublin, Ohio

[Pat is a] a super guy, [who] loves his work.  I would strongly suggest meeting him should you need these services.  Fantastic…

Scott H.
New Albany, Ohio

We have always been impressed with the professionalism of DogWatch. The system and their service is top notch.

Melissa O.
Dublin, Ohio

Underground fence install did a wonderful job with insulation and cleanup very professional.  Wonderful [experience] - nothing negative to tell. They are honest and tell you what you need - no pressure at all.

Harry W.
Pataskala, Ohio

Pat came and installed the system. He was very friendly and answered all our questions (and we had a lot). After the fence was installed he taught us how to use it and change settings and how to get Toby used to the fence and know where his boundary is. The first collar Toby had was the perfect size for him but he was only a puppy. Pat gave us an extra collar one size bigger. It has been a yr now and Toby hasn't gotten out of the yard and knows exactly where he can and can't go. I would definately recommend this company to anyone looking at an underground fence.

Kenneth B.
Reynoldsburg, Ohio

This company did an excellent job of installing my new electric fence for my dog, who loves to wander and was leaving the yard even with the previous electric fence activated. The quality of this fence is far superior and … he stays in the yard! They were awesome with customer service and beat the socks of their competition! I paid a bit more than the competitor's fence would have cost, but it was worth it for the customer service and attention to detail!

This company returned all of my calls promptly and was very kind and attentive to me as their customer. They were also kind to my dog! Even when I was emotional about the new strength of the shock to my dog, they were reassuring and kind. I got a HAND WRITTEN thank you note twice!! This is what customer service used to be all about and still is with this company!!

Merri Jo W.
Columbus, Ohio

Patrick came out to provide a cost estimate for us. The estimate was for the equipment needed, and installation of the invisible fence, including the dog collar.  [Pat was] extremely punctual, professional, and thorough. The first time he came was to explain the containment system and how it worked, and the second time was to install the equipment and underground wires, and to provide a brief training for us with the dog. In every instance, and each step of the way, he could not have been more helpful and professional. When we finished he told us not to hesitate to contact him with questions. A few days later (on a Sunday morning) I left a voice mail message asking him to return our call. I expected to hear from him on Monday, and was very surprised when he called back on Sunday evening, and even apologized for not calling sooner. All and all, the system is working well and the dog is getting more and more used to it. We have no complaints and are happy with our decision.

Keep up the good work. You seem to try very hard to do exactly what you say you'll do. In todays world this is very important, and not all that common.

Michelle E.
Canal Winchester, Ohio

We were interested in getting an underground fence for our 2 puppies, a Bull Mastiff and Great Dane. DogWatch Columbus did a wonderful job. The business is run by a couple (Pat & Emily)who have 16 years of experience. When we got an estimate Pat explained everything clearly and did not try to pressure us into making a decision right away. After we called back and scheduled, Pat came out on a Saturday morning, did all the work himself and finished the install in a few hours. The work was very neat, and he took the time to explain where everything was and made sure certain spots (that might get dug up) were marked. Afterwards, he spent time with us and the dogs, showing us how to train the dogs. We also bought 2 indoor units which are great! They just plug in and can be moved around to keep the dogs out of certain areas. So far we have not had any problems! If you are shopping for a underground fence, I would highly recommend looking into this company. I think the company's products and services are a great quality at a reasonable price.

Jane A.
Powell, Ohio

Upon first meeting, we were very impressed with Pat. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He answered all of our questions big and small. He made us feel very comfortable with the whole process, the initial quote to install as well as training. There were no surprises during the whole process. What Pat promised, Pat delivered. Pat is a wonderful representative for the DogWatch Company. Pat obviously really loves and cares for what he does.

Aaron B.
Powell, Ohio

First trip fixed my old invisible fence after landscaper cut the line in a few spots. Then came back at my request and ran new, heavier cable and put in a new controller.

Bob M.
Hilliard, Ohio

They installed an invisible fence for me in 1998 or 1999. They have also come out to update the system since and mark the boundaries. I have also gotten a new collar for my dog.

Whenever I call, they will come out. The price was good at the time. The owner is very personable and easy to talk to. When our collar broke, they replaced it at no charge. I will continue to use them in the future and would recommend them to others.

Cheryl M.
Dublin, Ohio

They put in an invisible fence for me. They reinstalled the system when I moved. They have also been out to work on the system and mark boundaries for the fence.

I am very happy with the service that they provide. They are very responsive. Their pricing is good, and this is one reason we selected them. I am very pleased with Pat. I have already recommended them to others.

Karen M.
Lewis Center, Ohio

They took my dog through the first training. The owner was a very nice person to work with. He was very attentive to what my needs were for my dog. I even got a device for the house for my dog, and he went out of his way to meet me to give me this device, which was very nice. I would use them again in the future if necessary and have already recommended them to others.

Vicki I.
Westerville, Ohio

We had all the hardware, so this price is just for the installation. I would use them again in the future if necessary and would recommend them to others.

John S.
Powell, Ohio

We had a system, and then we did not use it for a long time. They reactivated this system for us.  They did a great job. I would use them again in the future and would recommend them to others.

Patrick D.
New Albany, Ohio

They installed underground electronic fence in the backyard, front, and along one side of our house.  I went with an upgrade to where I am able to control the settings. They also gave me a $100 Angie's List discount. They said they would come back out, but I never needed them to. My dog is doing great with the fence. The batteries even last 2 years compared to 1-2 months.

Ginger E.
New Albany, Ohio

I chose Pat, because he respected my time and made it easy. He gave me an exact price quote over the phone, answered all questions, and made himself available to additional calls. I did not have time for sales calls, just wanted the facts, and he let me make an informed decision quickly and efficiently. The battery in the dog collar lasts for two years, which also simplifies my life and budget. I like that I can adjust the fence range and levels if needed with out additional service calls.

Pat was excellent to work with. Highly recommend. Set up install over the phone, he was out as promised and did the job. He was great with my dog. I am a first time dog owner and Pat was very patient - above the call of duty-- with my inexperience in handling my dog. He could handle my dog, better than I could. When I had a problem with my dog adjusting to the fence he came out immediately and worked with my dog again -- no charge and she was fine after that.

Julie F.
Westerville, Ohio

Pat did an outstanding job on the site assessment, price quote, and invisible fence [Dogwatch Hidden Fence] installation. Pat was very knowledgeable about the product, and the installation was very clean. We are completely satisfied with the product, and would highly recommend Pat, and DogWatch of Columbus to any one considering an invisible fence for their property. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Steve E.
Ashley, Ohio

Big Leash Remote Trainer: I purchased a cheaper name brand remote trainer unit from the pet store- it used a $10 battery PER DAY! I took it back and got a new one and the replacement did the exact same thing- at that rate I would have paid HUNDREDS for their [the competitor’s] product!  I called Emily, she thoroughly explained their remote trainer unit which is RECHARGEABLE! It also has a half mile range and holds a charge for about two days! Emily and Pat have ALWAYS been wonderful- I have been a client for 10 years- love their fence, love their trainer, love their company! I wish all businesses were like them!!

Judy A.
Gahanna, Ohio

We have used the DogWatch Hidden Fence System at our house for the past 2 years. It is very easy to use, and our dog is the best behaved on our whole street. She really knows her boundaries, and it was very easy to train her. She is safe now when we are not outside with her. We all love it!

Kim M.
Logan, Ohio

We wanted to tell you that this is best money we have ever spent. We love the fence. Both Spunky and Remington are doing really well with it. They know their boundaries in the yard and we feel very comfortable with them outside unattended. It will come in handy this winter when there is ice and snow. 
Pat made the process super easy. He came to the house to give us a quote after we met with him at WAGS. We had been talking about a fence and looked at other companies. After meeting with Pat we knew that Dog Watch was for us. The big thing for us was the lighting protection that is included in the package. Other companies it is a seperate charge. Pat and Emily are both available to answer questions. We had a question about how to train the dogs to not chase cars coming in the driveway. They answered my question and we are in the process of teaching the dogs to sit when a car comes in the driveway.

If anyone has any questions and is not sure this is the right thing for you I welcome you to see it in action. It does work. We have a pomeranian (Spunky) and a border collie mix (Remington) so it does not matter of the size of the dog. Remington is almost 2 years and has A LOT of energy. Almost too much sometimes. He goes in and out of the house all day. By 8:00 at night he is asleep on the couch snoring. This was the best thing for him.

Thanks Pat and Emily for making this process easy. We are so happy that we made this decision.

Kevin, Bridgett, Spunky and Remington S.
London, Ohio

Pat West did an outstanding job. He visited my home to look a the property, explain the process and provide a quote. He impressed me so much I hired him on the spot. Two days later, I had my hidden fencing. Pat arrived right on schedule.  It took about five hours for installation (he did very clean work), then he gave my dogs their first training. My dogs responded very well to Pat and learned well from the training. Of course, I need to continue training for the first three weeks or so, but the effort on my end is minimal and well worth the five minutes each day. Dogwatch has a unique claim to fame in that they have patented their ability to run the fencing on an FM frequency. All other fencing companies are on an AM frequency, the same frequency as appliances such as the microwave. This means the dogs can wear their collars in the house without risk of unexpected shock.

Cathleen P.
Hilliard, Ohio

It went great. Pat offers a great product (better than competition) for a great price (less than competition). He does not install and hide. He’s always available to answer questions and offer additional help. He’s an expert when it comes to invisible fences and dogs using invisible fences.

My final cost was right on compared to my estimate. I got more than my money’s worth. What I liked most about Pat was his great service and work ethic, I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience. If I could tell potential customers anything, it would be just to talk to Pat. He’s an expert, he’s 110% confident in his product and he should be. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Robert B.
Powell, Ohio

Things are going very well with the dogs. All three are staying within their boundaries. I am so glad we had the fence installed. I only regret we did not do it sooner. I feel so relieved Tanika is no longer venturing out onto the road. She has adapted so well! Recently she went a little too close, received the audible warning and turned right back. This is great!! I just knew it would work! Thanks again for everything! You have another very satisfied customer!

Grace D.
Logan, Ohio

…I was happy with the service. Pat did a nice job. He came out and explained everything well and installed the fence the next week. We had no issues with the training process for our dogs… Pat was very personable, provided a high level of service, and I would recommend him to anyone that needs a good electric fence.

Paul F.
Columbus, Ohio

Pat followed up with a phone call after his first visit. He answered all the questions we had while we were trying to decide between companies without pressuring us to choose his company. The day of his install visit he was prompt a professional. He patiently trained the whole family (and our dog!).

Pat found and marked all the lines. He carefully worked around the fact that our neighbors lines crossed into our yard. No service was disrupted. Pat did a wonderful professional job. Our fence works great!

Marlene F.
Columbus, Ohio

…Installed six years ago from referral by neighbor who also has this fence. We have a large yard (3/4 of an acre) and installation went smoothly... We call for repairs and the owner comes out either that same day or within 24 hours. We have been very happy with this company and its prompt response whenever we need a repair.

Rene H.
Columbus, Ohio

…Bailey has taken to the fence like a duck to the water. He has not once even attempted to test it or attempt to jump the wood fence. What a life saver it has been

Ted W.
Powell, Ohio

Dog Watch of Columbus is coming tomorrow to install our fence. I can't wait!!! Thanks for being so easy to work with. I know Briar and the rest of the family will be so much happier:)!

Leslie M.
Circleville, Ohio

Your system is incredible…Thank you!

Lyn G.
Johnston, Ohio

Thanks again for your assistance and accommodations made for me. It is appreciated. I have had only good dealings with DogWatch and its representatives in the decade I have dealt with them. You have continued that business practice. DogWatch …will contine to get recommendations from me. Thank you.

Bob G.
Delaware, Ohio

They’re always helpful and courteous, and have been taking care of me for the past 14 years.

Kitty W.
Centerburg, Ohio

Thanks a ton for installing the fence yesterday - it is fantastic! Thank you Emily for working with us also - we are so glad to have met you at Pet Expo. This will open a whole new world of potential adopters for our rescue setters! You guys are fantastic, we appreciate your support of the rescues. Thank you again for everything, it was great having you guys out to the house!

Jeff C.
Newark, Ohio

Great job Pat and Emily...Buddy is doing great...thanks much!

Brian & Debbie M.
Delaware, Ohio

Thanks, Pat for fixing the wire in our yard! That was quick service and it was much appreciated. We enjoyed the Pet Expo. Thank you!

Toni W.
Plain City, Ohio

I have to say we LOVE your new training collar! Boy what a difference it makes. Calypso is responding really well to it and we love being able to use the vibration mode. We have used it on her in the house then today outside at the park. Tomorrow we plan to start using it while she is out in her yard. I can not believe I did not get a training collar sooner!!It has made a huge difference, I can not believe how well she is responding to it! Now just to catch her digging in the yard!!

Thanks for coming out today to talk about adding to our DogWatch fence. We appreciate your honesty! We love our DogWatch hidden fence and have never regretted our investment! I am super excited about trying out your new training collar and will keep you updated on how it goes!

Wendy B.
Canal Winchester, Ohio

Thanks for the awesome dog fence! The doggies and I are all loving it in the awesome weather :-)!!!!

Lisa D.
Dublin, Ohio

Thanks for adding Jenny today to our growing family of dogs that you keep safe and secure!

Peggy M.
New Albany, Ohio

Thanks for coming out to our house today for an estimate! We appreciate your professionalism, friendly demeanor, & knowledge base. We'd like to hire you to install our fence.

Melissa L.
Dublin, Ohio

You are the reason my dogs are alive and safe. I was very disappointed when one of the dog experts on Animal Planet said she hates underground fences - she lost all credibility with me!

Lyn G.
Johnstown, Ohio

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Pat and Emily - Tiki says “Thank You”! He has taken full responsibility for keeping any and all winged creatures out of our yard. All three of our setters are thoroughly enjoying the fence. We are starting to train the newest addition to the Ohio English Setter Rescue to the fence. What a fantastic way to open up so many more forever home options for these dogs.


Jeff C.

Newark, Ohio


Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio would like to thank DogWatch for the generosity and commitment to the welfare of dogs.


Cheryl R.

Dublin, Ohio 


Thank you DogWatch (of Columbus)! The fence has made a huge difference!


Regina M.

Circleville, Ohio

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