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Below are the most frequently asked questions about the DogWatch® Hidden Fence products and training. If the answer to your question is not here, please contact us.

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Q:  What is a DogWatch Hidden Fence System?
A:  The DogWatch® Hidden Fence is a pet containment system that uses radio signals to keep your pet within a designated boundary.

Q:  How does it work?
A:  A buried wire carries harmless radio signals around the designated area. Your dog wears a small receiver on a collar that signals him by emitting a mild stimulation, or correction, when he gets too close to the boundary.

Q:  How does my dog learn where the boundary is?
A:  Your dog learns the boundaries through voice commands and visual flags that are set inside the fence. The dog goes through a training session for a few minutes each day for 7 to 10 days. With training, the dog remembers the placement of the flags and is taught to stay within the border. During the training period, flags are slowly taken away. If the dog goes to within 5-10 feet of the boundary, he will hear a warning sound that means he is getting close to the boundary. If the dog reaches the boundary, he will receive a correction.

Q:  Why should I purchase a DogWatch® Hidden Fence System over the Invisible Fence® brand?
A:  DogWatch is the only underground fence system that works on an FM radio signal frequency. This FM system, called SafeLink®, is an exclusive patented DogWatch technology that provides your pet with maximum protection from unintentional stimulation caused by stray radio signals. Other pet containment, such as the Invisible Fence brand run on an AM radio frequency that often picks up stray signals and can cause your dog to receive a correction when not near the hidden boundary. This may cause your dog to become confused and afraid. Only DogWatch's SafeLink system safely ignores AM radio signals.

Q:  Are there other benefits to the DogWatch® Hidden Fence?
A:  The DogWatch® Performance Series R9 receiver runs on a battery that lasts two years…the longest in the industry. Maintenance costs are low compared to the Invisible Fence brand. Your savings can be significant.
Our new Performance Series R7 and R9 Receivers have our exclusive AutoMemory feature. The receiver constantly monitors your dog if he "challenges" his boundary. Both receivers have the fastest response time, meaning if your dog challenges the "fence" he will feel a correction immediately - at the beginning of the avoidance zone, not half way through.

  • The DogWatch® Hidden Fence has a unique, patented user-programmable receiver that can be customized - by you - to the training level that's right for your pet's personality and size. No need for a technician service call and related charge.
  • The DogWatch® receiver includes our pet-friendly™ "audible only" training level that allows you to train your dog using an audible "beep" tone before your dog feels a correction.
  • You'll receive a lifetime equipment warranty on your DogWatch® Hidden Fence when installed by us.
  • We are trained, dedicated professionals. In addition to providing you and your pet with superior technology and products, we live and works in your community. We are ready to provide you with courteous and prompt customer service.

Q:  Is the DogWatch fence similar to an electric fence?
A:  No! The underground runs on radio signals. A transmitter (which is plugged in) allows the fence to emit radio signals, which are picked up by the receiver collar worn by the dog when he approaches or reaches the boundary.

Q:  Will the stimulation from the collar hurt my dog?
A:  No! This type of stimulation has been used in dog training for over 40 years. A dog’s skin resistance is about 20 to 25 times greater than of humans. Furthermore, the amount of correction can be adjusted so that a dog receives the appropriate level of stimulation for its size. DogWatch® systems have been tested by a major veterinary college, and are used and recommended by veterinarians.

Q:  Will the system work for more than one dog?
A:  Yes. There is no limit to the number of dogs a system can protect at one time.

Q:  Is the system safe during a lightning storm?
A:  The DogWatch® Hidden Fence System has lightning surge protection in the transmitter and uses an external surge protector. Of course, your dog should be safe in the house during a lightning storm!

Q:  What if my dog gets past the fence – how does the system react?
A:  The receiver shuts down automatically after 15 seconds to guard your pet against over-correction. In addition, our receiver offers the fastest reaction time if your dog challenges the boundary, thanks to our FastReact feature.

Q:  How much does it cost? What if I move?
A:  DogWatch® Hidden Fencing can cost much less than traditional fencing. And once you buy the system, you can expand it or take it with you when you move. Contact your local dealer for an estimate on your individual yard.

Q:  How big an area will it cover?
A:  DogWatch® offers models that can cover properties up to 200 acres. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

Q:  How does my dog learn to use it?
A:  Typically, we will conduct initial training with you and your dog. We have developed an in-depth training program that takes about 10-15 minutes per day for two weeks. Avoidance training is used to teach your dog to stay on your property.

Q:  Does it keep other dogs out?
A:  The DogWatch® Hidden Fence system is designed to keep your dog at home and out of trouble. It will only keep other dogs out if they are wearing DogWatch collars.

Q:  How old does my dog have to be before training begins?

A:  As a general guideline, your dog should be at least 4 months old. However, some dog may mature earlier than others because of breed, size or disposition. When we meet with you and your pet, we will evaluate your dog and make a recommendation when training should begin.

Q:  What if my dog has a history of biting people?
A:  This product is not intended for use with dogs that have a history of aggressive behavior.

Q:  Can my dog get out?
A:  If the initial training was done properly, this will rarely happen. If the dog does get out, check to make sure the collar is on securely. You may also increase the range of the signal to keep the dog further from the boundary or increase the correction level. We are also available to support you. There are many ways to adjust the DogWatch® System. Call us if you need help.

Q:  Is there a guarantee on the DogWatch® System?
A:  Our new Performance Series system carries a lifetime manufacturer's warranty when installed by us. Our I-50 Indoor System is warranted for two years. There is also a one year performance guarantee, ensuring it will keep your pet contained or your money back.

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The Big Leash is the best thing that has come into Tucker's life! (Next to his wonderful owners, of course). After just 2 training sessions he is able to walk all over the neighborhood off leash. I even took him to move Amy out of her dorm at Miami and didn't even have a leash with me. He stayed with me all day up and... down 3 flights of steps repeatedly. We are now ready for our vacation. If you need any volunteers for a referral, I am happy to talk to them.

Phyllis F.
Columbus, Ohio

Hi West family!  I just wanted to give you a update! WE LOVE THE FENCE!!! Jordan and Lola both have taken really well to it. It is so nice to know that they will be safely kept in their HUGE yard. Anytime they take off after a deer or squirrel we just calmly say "watch out" and they stop in their tracks. On the occasion ...that we may not be out with them, they tested the limit (naturally) and came right back... like ALL the way back to the door!!!! We couldn't be happier. I don't think there has been a week thats gone by without me saying "I LOVE OUR FENCE". It really is a great feeling knowing we don't have to hunt them down. Thank you so much!!!!

PS...  I just have to say, it is so different this time around, using your company as opposed to the competition we had before!

Jennifer T.
Granville, Ohio

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