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DogWatch® Hidden Fence System Tips

DO NOT leave the receiver on your pet’s neck for more than 12 hours at a time. Doing so will result in Necrosis. This is the breaking down of skin cells (like bed sores) and is caused by constant rubbing.

If you do notice sores developing, put Neosporin on the affected area, clean the metal prongs with rubbing alcohol and place the receiver in a different position on your pet’s neck.

If you forget to put your pet’s receiver on before letting him/her outside do not panic. If your pet has been trained, it is going to take some time before he/she tries to cross the boundary. However, do not make a habit of leaving the collar off as your pet will eventually forget the training without the receiver on to reinforce it.

If your pet is not receiving a shock, the first thing to check is if the collar is tight enough. A loose collar means your pet is not able to receive a correction. Second, check to see if the correction level has been changed. Use the magnet on the end of your battery tester to adjust the level of correction on your pet’s receiver. One long beep means the correction has been turned off and your pet is going to receive an audible tone only. Third, check to see if the mode switch is on or off. This can be located on the top right hand side of your transmitter. It should be in the on position. Fourth, check to see if you have electricity running through the outlet that your transmitter is plugged in to. Last, check to see when the last time you changed your battery. You could have a dead battery.

If you are going to have work done in your yard and do not know where your wire is buried give DogWatch of Columbus a call and we can come out to mark your wire. This is much less expensive than having to repair and replace your broken wire.

If you have a broken wire and do not know where it is please call and let us know immediately. DogWatch of Columbus has equipment to locate and repair broken wire. The longer you go without repairing, the greater the odds are that your pet may run through his/her boundary.

If you have a broken wire and know where it is, you may want to attempt to repair it yourself. If doing so, please keep in mind that in Ohio, the ground expands and contracts during hot and cold weather and wet and dry weather. With this in mind make sure the wire is spliced properly and that no moisture can reach the exposed copper as this will result in corrosion and further complicate the situation.

DogWatch of Columbus Ohio Hidden Dog Fence of Columbus Ohio

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Just wanted to write and say how much I loved my indoor fence I had put in. It was the best thing ever. I recommend it to anyone wanting to keep pets off the carpet and areas where you do not want your pet while away from home. The owners were so very, very nice. I can't say enough good. Thanks for the great service. I highly recommend them to all pet owners.

Angie D.
Baltimore, Ohio

The DogWatch Fence works fantastically for our dog as well as our daughter's visiting dog, Gizmo (the little black ornery one) - he knows those boundaries and he never challenges.  Thanks so much
for getting us all set up here at our new house.

Carla B.
Dublin, Ohio



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Hidden Dog Fence Columbus Ohio Hidden Dog Fence Columbus Ohio Hidden Dog Fence Columbus Ohio
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