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DogWatch® Hidden Fence Training Schedule

Day One: - Step 1 - Keeping your pet on a leash, walk him/her up to a few flags at random without wearing the receiver.  Hold the receiver next to your pet’s ear so he/she can hear the audible warning; shake the flag and say “NO!”.  Immediately bring your pet back into the safe area and praise.    - Step 2 - You may put the receiver on and walk your pet around the boundary.  If he/she wants to go into the correction area, do not give resistance.  As soon as your pet receives a correction, bring him/her back into the safe area and give a lot of praise.  This lets your pet know that this is how you want him/her to respond - by coming back into the safe area instead of bolting through.  This can be done over the entire boundary for about 10-15 minutes.

Day Two and Three: While on a leash, put the receiver on your pet’s neck and repeat step 2 of day one.  While walking around your yard let the warning tone alert your pet that it is getting too close to its boundary. Do not prevent your pet from going into the correction because it needs to learn this on its own.  Praise your pet if he/she stops at the audible tone or if you pull him/her back into the safe area after being corrected. Note: Do not force your pet to go towards the flags. If he/she does not want to go near the boundary and you try forcing it to go anyway you will make it fearful of its own yard.

Day Four through Six: Your pet should still be on a leash.  Repeat day two and three, but this time have someone that your pet is familiar with stand on the other side of the boundary.  Do not call for your pet as it is still early in the training and he/she will likely try and come to you.  Stopping and talking at random intervals in normal, casual tones should be sufficient.  This is showing your pet that even though someone is on the other side, he/she cannot go to greet them.

Day Seven through Nine: You may put the receiver on your pet and let him/her out in the yard without a leash.  Stay outside with your pet and keep an eye on him/her just like you would for a small child.

Day Ten through Thirteen:
You should be able to let your pet out with limited supervision.

Day Fourteen: Congratulations!  Your pet should be trained and you should be able to let him/her out with no supervision.  If you are having problems, please give us a call at 614-527-3799 or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


By the end of the second week you can start to take the flags down. Start by taking every other flag down on the first day. Wait a couple of days and repeat. Keep doing this until there are no flags left. Within a week they should all be down.

The reason for this process is so your pet does not become dependant on the flags. Your pet needs to learn that the audible warning is the indication of their boundary limit. Also, by slowly taking down the flags, it lets your pet know that the flags are not what is keeping them in the yard, it is the sound and correction. If you take the flags down all at once your pet may think that it is safe to cross over the fence.

DogWatch of Columbus Ohio Hidden Dog Fence of Columbus Ohio

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Dear Emily and Pat,

We met you folks at the Worthington Pet Parade and have the white Dutch Colonial home on the NW corner of the Village Green. You just completed the installation for our beloved Jack Russell terrier, Bandit. The job was professionally done and we move in this Thursday. Kudos to you and your company for a job well done. We would certainly recommend your services to our friends and neighbors.

Thanks again,

David & Christina L.
Worthington, Ohio

Clover is so excited to run around without a leash soon! Thank you for installing our fence on Wednesday, Pat! You did a great job!

Erica C.
Columbus, Ohio

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Hidden Dog Fence Columbus Ohio Hidden Dog Fence Columbus Ohio Hidden Dog Fence Columbus Ohio
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