June 8, 2017

Dog Crate Turned Coffee Table

Do you hate the look of the dog crates as part of your family room or bedroom?  We did as well, so we were very excited to find this wonderful solution.  On Amazon, for less than the cost of a piece of furniture, we were able to find a large “table” the goes on top of our dog crate.  This allows you to use the top of the dog crate as a small table, while still acting as the crate below.  And since the table is a separate piece, you can still move and fold the crate if necessary for a trip.  There are different sizes of tables for different sizes of crates, so just be sure to get the size that works best for you.

This has been a great addition to our home, while not affecting our dog’s comfort in the least.  We love both the look and the functionality while keeping the portability of the crate itself.