January 4, 2018

Does a DogWatch Hidden Fence really work? The snow will prove that it does!

We often get questions about the actual effectiveness of a DogWatch Hidden Fence.  I looked out our kitchen window earlier this week and had to chuckle.  Our yard is a mess of dog tracks!  There isn’t an inch of it that has been overturned or romped on by our English Setter, Winnie.  The neighbors yards, however, are a pristine blanket of untouched snow.  The tracks (ignoring the kids footprints and other critters tracks) show and prove that our DogWatch Fence does, in fact, safely contain our dog Winnie even when other critters/birds are nearby.  Call us today for a free in-yard estimate to help keep your dog from disturbing your neighbors beautiful snowy yards.

*Comment from a customer via Facebook post: “I have thought the same thing when I’ve looked out the window with the snow! I can see where the dogs are allowed and where they are not by the tracks! And our fence isn’t even a month old so it’s still new to our dogs! Best investment we have ever for our dogs!  I love being able to just open the door and let them out verses having to fumble around putting them on a tie out and then having them get tangled around the patio set, grill etc.”